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Laetitia's trip - Part 6

Part 6: 02/16/2015 to 02/22/2015

Hello everybody,

 I hope that you are all fine in Bordeaux!! Here it is still cold and snowy!
I have had 2 very busy last weeks, so I have a lot of new adventures to tell you!!

Monday, I didn't do anything really exciting. I got my groceries and received a message from a man whom I met at the job fairs. He asked me news and offered me to forward my resume.

Tuesday, I worked on my resume.

 Wednesday, the sky was so blue and the sun was so bright, that I decided to go to lower Manhattan. So I took the train to Battery Park. I strolled along the river. There were grey squirrels playing in the snow. It was very funny. I sat on a bank and gazed at the statue of the liberty.

Then, I visited the National Museum of the American Indians. There were more exhibitions than the last time I visited 3 years ago. There was an exhibition about turquoises and Navajos tribe jewelry from the Yazzie family. There was also a very outstanding exhibition about the native american photographer Horace Poolaw.
North view of the National Museum of the American Indians, necklace from the Yazzie family & photograph of Lela Ware (Kiowa), Paul Zumwalt (Kiowa) and Trecil Poolaw (Kiowa), Mountain View, OK, 1928 by H.Poolaw.

Finally, I decided to take the ferry to staten island. I made the cruise toward Staten Island as the sun set. I took magnificent pictures. I waited for the dusk to take the ferry in the other direction. It's free and you have a breathtaking view of the statue of liberty and of the NY skyline.


Thursday, I attended to my first sport class in English. It was very challenging especially because music was very loud.


Friday, I had lunch in an italian restaurant with Eduard, the cousin of a friend of mine Bernadette, who is also a member of Bordeaux- USA.
We discussed about my plans, his work, his family, his story. Eduard is Dutch, but has been living in New York for 30 years. He arrived as an intern and never left.
He invited me to join his family in his vacation’s house next week end. Then, I went again to the Moma with my friend Charlotte this time. We visited all the museum. We went to a French restaurant in Chéri Harlem , where I drank a glass of Cadillac and ate a burger with foie gras.

Logo fo Chéri harlem and a view of the Inside.

Saturday, it was Valentine's day. Here, there were whole departments dedicated to the event with chocolates, gadget, and very kitsch pink cudly toys. I watched a movie with my French friend Charlotte.

Postcard circa 1910, candies and decorated tree in San Diego

I spent my Sunday, to improve my resume and to apply for job offers.

So it has been a week dedicated to job search...

The next week is following...

 PS: Many thanks again to Kevin who has the hard chore to review my story every week...
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