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60th anniversary of the Bordeaux-Los Angeles twinning !

(Updated on May 23rd 2024)

May 30th - 7pm : The Influence of the Television Situation Comedy Series (TV Sitcoms) on American and French culture, by Concetta LAPEYRE @ Athénée Municipal in Bordeaux.
June 20th - 7pm : A Conversational History of Los Angeles, by Virginia COULON @ Athénée Municipal in Bordeaux.
July 4th - 7pm : Independence Day Picnic @ Esplanade Charles de Gaulle in Bordeaux.
September 19th - 7pm : The history of Broadway Theater, by Denise JOBIN WELCH @ Athénée Municipal in Bordeaux.
October 17th - 7pm : Antoine de Lamothe sieur de Cadillac, founder of the city of Detroit and governor of Louisiana among other accomplishments, by Kathryn LARCHER @ Athénée Municipal in Bordeaux.
November 28th - 7pm : Thanksgiving Dinner.

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