Bordeaux-USA provides to residents of Gironde the opportunity to share Franco-American friendship, culture and ideas through English-speaking events and our Library in the heart of Bordeaux.
We can try for FREE to take part to one talk (Thursday evening 7:00 pm) OR one conversation hour (see 'Practice your English' tab).


Thursday, March 30th: Assemblée Générale Ordinaire (A.G.O.)

For members only who duly paid their subscription.

Your presence is important, indeed, you will be given an account of all the events BDX-USA did, the state of the finance and what are the upcoming projects you will have to vote for or against.

If you can't come, you can still vote if you give a "pouvoir" to someone who will be present.

Thursday, March 23rd: California dreamin' and protest songs

Most of us have heard of the time period: the late 60’s in the US. Some of us even lived through it. It was a time when Hippies were preaching peace and free love in a conservative America that was tangled up in the Vietnam war and trying to cope with the brand new Civil Rights Act. It was also a time for young songwriters to use their lyrics to shine a light on and protest unbearable, shameful & inhumane practices. Following in the tracks of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, some new names came out of the blue: Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young just to name a few.

Hair, the soundtrack of the hippie generation.

If you want to feel the “Flower Power” and revisit a piece of American History, come listen to one of our resident musicians Jean-Pierre Lemière and his guitar. You may even feel like singing along. He may get you thinking once…but as Dylan said “Don’t think twice, 'cuz it’s alright”!


Thursday, March 16th: Kids & Us

Between 0 and 3 years old is the best time to learn a language. Given that, Kids & Us developed a technique to teach young children English... simply by playing with them in English.

Cristina Bendana, who is in charge of the Bordeaux branch of Kids&Us will tell us how an engineer became interested in teaching English to children. She'll explain their methods and how they work with children and their parents to make learning English fun & lasting.

Thursday, March 9th: A photographic dreamy world

You may know our member Andy Jeffries for his musical skills; however, he has added another string to his guitar, so to speak, with his photographic skills.

This week he will delight us with a selection of his photos, tell us the reason he has a preference for black & white photography and the meaning behind the dreamy often funny world he captures in his pictures.

Potluck: Thursday, March 2nd

First Thursday of the month, it's time to meet and have a few nibbles over a glass of wine.

If your last name starts with a letter between A and F, please bring some sweet treats.

If your last name starts with a letter between G and Z, please bring side dishes such as veggies or salads.

Thursday, February 23rd: Women in songs (Part 1)

Who were those Jolene, Iris, Frankie who inspired songs of all sort? Thanks to our quiz, have fun, sing along and know more about famous songs. You won't hum them the same way you used to once you'll know all about it.