La Coloc'

►► NEW LOCATION: La Coloc' - 19 rue Père Louis de Jabrun!


[Update on June 30th] SUMMER PROGRAM: Bordeaux-USA will organize “outside the walls” events in July & August 2020. Look at our social media accounts!
**BACK TO SCHOOL of our activities on Thursday Sept 3rd at 7 p.m.**

A Note from the President

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."
~ John Maxwell

Dear Members,

It has been a while since you've seen a note from me here. As you are aware, these are indeed extraordinary times we are living...everywhere.

Covid-19 has brought inevitable change and I for one hope growth will not be optional. I hope that as individuals and communities both local & global we are up to finding better ways of living and supporting each other.

Thursday, March 19th: The Feeling of Home


Baptiste Devallé recently released a book called  "The Feeling of Home", which is part essay and part personal guidebook. It is his reflections on what does it mean to feel 'at home'.

Tonight he will talk about his experiences as an international citizen and how he learned to feel at home anywhere in spite of feeling rootless, uprooted, derooted and derouted. 

At the culmination of all this reflection, he developed a recipe that everyone can follow to feel at home wherever you go. And by the way, Baptiste interviewed some members of Bordeaux-USA for the you might hear yourselves quoted tonight! 

Baptiste will happily autograph his books after the presentation.