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**WE ARE BACK since Sept 3rd**
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► English conversation groups will start on Sept 16th. For French group a bit later on Sept, please check regularly our website :-)

Thursday, October 15th: A Talk about K. Andersen's "Evil Geniuses: the Unmasking of America" by Former U.S. Senator J. McDermot


Jim McDermot is a Vietnam Veteran (RVN vet) who as a psychiatrist treated the wounded in 1968-70. He returned from his tour of duty and began a 46-year political career: 1971-87 in the state legislature and 1989-2017 in the House of Representatives. He also spent 9 months as a regional Medical Officer in the Foreign Service based in Kinshasa, Zaire and covering all of Africa, south of the Equator (26 embassies).

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He will talk about what happened in the US that made it possible for an internationally famous business mogul and reality TV star to come on the political stage and take over the show. Jim will also discuss the possible next steps based on who wins the election in November.


Thursday, October 8th: The Feeling of Home

 Baptiste Devallé recently released a book called  "The Feeling of Home", which is part essay and part personal guidebook. It is his reflections on what does it mean to feel 'at home'.

Tonight he will talk about his experiences as an international citizen and how he learned to feel at home anywhere in spite of feeling rootless, uprooted, derooted and derouted. 

At the culmination of all this reflection, he developed a recipe that everyone can follow to feel at home wherever you go. And by the way, Baptiste interviewed some members of Bordeaux-USA for the you might hear yourselves quoted tonight! 

Baptiste will happily autograph his books after the presentation.