Bordeaux-USA provides to residents of Gironde the opportunity to share Franco-American friendship, culture and ideas through English-speaking events and our Library in the heart of Bordeaux.
We can try for FREE to take part to one talk (Thursday evening 7:00 pm) OR one conversation hour (see 'Practice your English' tab).


Thursday, October 26th: Halloween Party


Come dressed-up (or not).

BDX-USA can lend you costumes, if you wish:

-        Marie-Antoinette (M) Gown, powdered wig & mask

-        Mr. Hyde (M) Victorian three-piece, wig & mask

-        Ghoul (M) Regency dress, cap and mask

-        The Grim Reaper (M) Black hooded robe & mask

-        Dracula (Unique size) red-lined black cape, top-hat & mask

First to ask for it, first to get it.


Please, bring candies, sweets or cakes and drinks for our “Halloween goûter”. BDX-USA will provide candies but first you will have to win the games.


Do not worry, nothing sticky or messy but musical chairs, who-am-I game, pin-the-witch-hat game…and we will also make the time warp again.


Our Halloween party will not be complete without you scaring us with spooky ghost tales.

For information, please contact:


Don't miss out on this SPOOK-tacular event! Watch your email for the details.

Thursday, October 19th: L.A. in an artist's eye

 Gregory Chappert is originally from the Tarn and has been a 'Bordelais' for 11 years now. He is a Web designer by trade, but has always been interested in Art in any form. After a trip to Los Angeles, he began to take his interest further with the goal of creating an exhibition about this trip to the City of Angels...and his current hometown. 

This dream became a reality in September when he exhibited his photos at 'Au verre ô vin' here in Bordeaux.
Join us tonight as he shows us some of his photos and takes us on a tour through L.A. & Bordeaux called Jumalité entre la belle endormie et la cité des anges...perhaps we'll see these cities from a different perspective than before.

Thursday, October 12th: Pub Crawl in Ireland

Have you ever been to Ireland? Have you seen those wonderful colors? Have you ever smelled a hearty breakfast to start a windy day?  Have you ever hit a pub and had an endless conversation with lovely people, a pint of ale in each hand? Or listened to a couple of musicians playing a ballade? … If not you’re really missing something.

Come and listen to JP, he will try and give you his own flavor of Ireland.  As he doesn’t know any better, he will sing it for you … and who knows, you might feel like singing along.

October, Thursday 5th: Potluck with students from California

It's time for our traditional-first-Thursday-of-the-month Potluck Dinner!

Please bring one or more of your favorite 'salé ou sucré' dishes and some drinks to share!

Also, let's welcome the students from the Centre de Californie!

BDX-USA October Book Selection

Dear all,

discover the books of the month. They are displayed in the foyer of BDX-USA.

BDX-USA October Movie Selection

Dear All,

discover the movie selection of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

Thursday, September 28th: Bobby and I (in the shadow of RFK)

Gradigan Book Prize winner Bernie Muraour's first passions are animals, nature and drawing. She learned alone the art of drawing and painting through the universe of Walt Disney and of mangas.

As an artist, she make painting to represent what he stood for and what his work meant to her and plenty of other people in the USA.

Her job now consists in teaching  drawing, painting and modeling but she is also an art thearpist in ESAT and FO, two associations caring for disabled people.

As a free-mance artist, she worked for china manufacturer Philippes Deshoulières as a window-dresser and for the Grand Théatre as a costume designer. She also dabbed into accessories design for the world of cinema and theater.  But her other big passion is the work of Bobby Kennedy.