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Laetitia's Trip - Part 5

Part 5: 02/02/15 - 02/08/15
Hi everybody,

I hope that you are all doing fine in Bordeaux!

Time flies too fast... And I am still late...

Last Monday, I worked on my resume.

Last Tuesday, I met my conversation partner, Dan, the comedian, who was just back from a cruise in the Caribean where he used to perform every night. We met up at the cafe Lalo, in the upper West Side. This is the cafe where the film "you got a message" with Meg Ryan took place. It is also renowned for its pastries. We dicussed about our favorite books and those we were currently reading.
At night, I had dinner at my French friend's home in Harlem.

Cafe Lalo

Last Wednesday, I went to TJ Max, a discount shop, to buy rain boots. Indeed, when the snow melts, there are puddles everywhere, but these puddles are vicious. Often, they are covered by some snow, so you don't understand that it's a puddle until you jump inside and have both feet soacked.

After, I went to visit my former roommate in Brooklyn. I forgot to tell you that there is a new roommate, Bryan, who is californian. He originated from a small city Monterey, close San Francisco. He is under 40 and has experimented a lot of things in his life. You see what I mean... He looks like straight from Woodstock but he is very smart and interesting. He writes poetry and teaches reiki. He also got a job in the Bronx. He teaches mathematics, literature, and critical thinking in a primary school. What an ambitious program!

T.J.Maxx   The famous Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Logo of TJMaw and Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Last thursday, I met a new conversation partner, Jonathan. Another one! He is half Korean and half Argentinian. He has been living here for 16 years, works in the financial district. He is intermediate in French and plays chess at a high level.

He introduced me to one of his coworkers, who used to live in Paris 10 years, notably in the 19th arrondissement, from which I originate. He told how difficult it had been for him to have his visa in france and prompt me to keep on my job search and not to feel discouraged.
The Financial District of Lower Manhattan, viewed from Brooklyn La Villette in the 19th arrondissement
Financial District in Manhatan seen from Brooklyn and La Villette in the 19th Arrondissement
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