Bordeaux-USA provides to residents of Gironde the opportunity to share Franco-American friendship, culture and ideas through English-speaking events and our Library in the heart of Bordeaux.
We can try for FREE to take part in one talk (Thursday evening 7:00 pm) OR one conversation hour (see 'Practice your English' tab).

09-04-2015: Beatlemania (Part 2)

Jean-Pierre Lemiere will give a presentation on one of the icons of this century: The Beatles! Whether you have gray hair or you are still a teenager, Jean-Pierre is pretty sure you have heard of them. Some of you can name a few of their songs; some of you can even sing a couple of their songs. But do you know:

Fans and media swarm the Beatles at Schipol Airport in 1964.

•What happened behind the scenes of "Beatlemania"?

•How they became known as The Fab Four in 1962?
•Why they split-up in 1970?

To find out the scoop, come and listen to JP! He'll even play a few songs on his guitar. Singing along is allowed and encouraged!