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Laetita's trip - Part 7

Part 7: From 02/23/2015 to 03/01/2015

Hi Everybody,

Here is the story of my sixth week...

Monday was president's day, so almost all American people didn't work. I went to Macy's, one of the most famous department store. It's the equivalent of our Galeries Lafayettes.

Tuesday, I worked on my job search. It's definetely a very time-consuming mission. At night, I went to the event "Internations talking French" organized by my expat community. I saw again people whom I met the last time. I also met a french sale person who has been working here for 6 years. People were nice and interesting.

Wednesday, I went to Century 21 to find gym stuffs. I was called at 10pm by a guy from the company Global data management to have a technical round. It's certainly not the company where I want to work, because their reviews are very bad, but at least, it has been an interview training.

Thursday, I went to a sports class. Then, I met my friend Deepak in the Irvingfarm coffee. I taught him "passé composé".
Irving Farm Coffee Roasters