La Coloc'

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[Update on June 30th] SUMMER PROGRAM: Bordeaux-USA will organize “outside the walls” events in July & August 2020. Look at our social media accounts!
**BACK TO SCHOOL of our activities on Thursday Sept 3rd at 7 p.m.**

The Librarian's Choice

Hello everyone,
another inspiring request by Kathryn that has arrived today in our Library is:
Cadillac and the Dawn of Detroit (Michigan) by Annick Hivert-Carthew

Cadillac and the Dawn of Detroit describe the first ten years of Detroit, from the raising of its walls to Cadillac's reluctant departure.
Author Annick Hivert-Carthew details the strategic importance of Detroit and the struggle between France and Britain to control the fur trade of the Great Lakes. The day-to-day struggles of Detroit's pioneers-their strengths, dreams, births, marriages, social customs, and religious rites all come to life in this engaging portrayal of colonial living.    
Enjoy this as well as many other treasures on the display table.
Your Librarian