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Laetitia's trip to Big Apple - Part 2

Part 2: 01/12/15 - 01/18/15
On Saturday, I had to go shopping to find a warm coat in order to face the cold weather here. I went to Century 21 and found a down coat with 50% off. This place is definetely the paradise for shopping addicts. There is plenty of big discounts everywhere. There is even a whole floor dedicated to "Haute couture".


Sunday, I had some rest to recover from my hectic day of shopping...


Monday, I went to a French friend's home to have a "real" meal (We miss French food!). As she lives in Harlem, we strolled in the neighborhood. At night, I reached my former French roomate and some friends of his in a jazz club, the Fat Cat. It seems to be a famous place here. You can play ping pong, billards, chests or just have a drink, while a band is playing live music jazz. 


I have suscribed to a free website "Conversation Exchange", which allows people to find a conversation exchange partner. I teach French. In exchange, people teach me English. But, there are a lot of other languages available.
On Tuesday, I met up Dan in "cafe noir" in the Upper East side. He is a New Yorker and he speaks French fluently. He happens to be in Paris last week, because he is humorist and performed  in French the warm up of the French humorist comte de Bouderbala, who is a friend of him. The world is so small!
45 East 66th Street, a designated New York City landmark
He plays several nights per week in the comedy cellar, a New Yorker comedy club. I am due to attend his show. Here is the link towards his website:


On Wednesday, I had an event with Internations called "Internations talking French". It was a kind of afterwork in a wine bar with people from all around the world who are fluent in French. There were a few French people, but I was very impressed by the French of all these foreigners. We spoke a lot about the terrorist attacks in France, about the political correctness, and about the boundaries of the freedom of expression.
Constitution of the United States, page 1.jpg


On thursday, I met up another conversation exchange partner, Deepak in the Hudson hotel. The place was very fancy and nice. There are several large rooms. We went to the library room, which is a cozy place with shelves emptied with books, bools tables, and photographs of cows wearing a hat on every wall .
Deepak is learning french on his own. He is Indian. He originated Bangalore, but he used to study in a famous college in Atlanta. He has been working for Bloomberg for 5 years. He is married with an Indian woman. He likes watching French films like l’auberge espagnole,  intouchable, but also very old films that I have never watched. I was very impressed by his knowledge of the French culture. He loves Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg. His favorite French song is "La mer" from Charles Trenet. He is very well educated and interesting.


So, as you can see, my weeks are very busy. I meet everyday amazing people!


And to conclude on a funny note, here is the link of a very peculiar community "The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society". It's a kind of reading club which encourages its members to read topless in Central Park. Their motto is "Burn bras, not books".

New yorker seems to appreciate taking off their clothes in public areas...


As you must know, New York is expecting an historic snowstorm... I am a bit afraid, but I made my grocery for the week this morning. I just hope it won't be too harsh.


    ...Former chapter                              To be continued...