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19-03-15 Orchard in the backyard

In depressed urban areas in the USA many people cannot afford fresh vegetables or fruits so their diet is filled with junk food. In an effort to fight the rising levels of obesity in children & adults, local grassroot organizations felt moved to create community gardens in poorer neighborhoods. 

What an urban farm looks like (Chicago) 

In 2012, Daniel and Anita Cérézuelle visited some of these community gardens and urban farms in Detroit, Lansing, & Flint, Michigan as well as Denver, Colorado.  Daniel will show and tell us about their experience visiting these gardens and how it is restoring hope, not to mention health, to many Americans.

In the mid-seventies Daniel studied at the New School for Social Research in New York City. He has served as research fellow at Bordeaux Institute of Social Work. For almost twenty years he was director of PADES, a program aiming at developing self-help skills and practical autonomy of disenfranchised people. In 2000 he was visiting professor at the Colorado School of Mines.