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Laetitia's trip to Big Apple - Part 3

 Part 3: 01/19/15 - 01/25/15
Hello everybody,

I hope that you are all fine in France!
I am a bit late to tell you the story of my third week in the Big Apple ...

On the saturday of the week before, I reached my French friend Charlotte and we went to visit a friend of hers, who lives in East Village. Although it was very cold, we went up to the rooftop of the building, where you have an breath-taking view of the Empire State Building and all Manhattan. In the summer, they do potlucks with all the neighbors.
East Village & Empire State building

Then, we went to a pizzeria where you can buy a slice of pizza for a few dollars. Yes, it's an american concept! Here, you have everywhere meal solutions.  But, the most surprising is definetely these pizzeria, where you can have a slice of pizza for one dollar...
Her friend had an invitation for the launch of a new night club, the Zazou in the Mc Dougall Street. At the entrance, you had to give the password to the usher to enter. It was pretty posh and fancy. I found the music nice: Electro in the basement and pop rock from the 80's on the the first floor. Instead of the French night club, you have your personal space on the dancefloor.
The staff washed the floor as soon as something drops down. There even was a restroom attendant to help you to wash your hands...


On Sunday, I strolled in Union Square and went to Strand bookstore, which is dedicated to used books and is an institution here. They were plenty of books everywhere with comments to help you to decide. I bought "Thinking fastand slow" by Daniel Kahneman, winner of the nobel prize in economics, because I have been attracted by the comments label "for reluctant learners".
This book deals with how we think and where we can or cannot trust our intuitions. I will bring it back in France and donate it to the association.

Union Square market & Strand bookstore

On Monday, it was the day of the expected blizzard. Remember, the historic snowstorm that NY had ever known! One meter of snow were expected. The mayor Bill de Blasio
asked everyone to stay safe at home. So, in the morning, I made my grocery for the next 3 days. The supermarket was so crowded that the queue started in the street. Every New Yorker
was making his reserves of food for the next 3 days. It was totally crazy! I benefit from the expected storm to apply for positions. But, fortunately, the storm never came. Only 20cm of snow had fallen down during the night.

On Tuesday, because the subway had been stopped in anticipation of the aftermaths of the snowstorm, it was quite difficult to commute in the city. I just went to Central Park to take pictures. There were a lot of children sliding on the snow or playing in the snow with their parents.
Central park & Time Square

On wednesday, I met my French friend Charlotte in Harlem, where she lives. We went to the Red Rooster, which is a very famous bar in Harlem. Then, we went to a French restaurant.
It seems to be an important French community in Harlem.

...Former chapter                                                To be continued...