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Laetitia's trip to Big Apple - Part 1

Dear all,

Laetitia, one of our members, is a young French woman working as an engineer. A few weeks ago , she decided to follow her dream and visit Big Apple a.k.a. New York City.

Even if tourists enjoy the city during short-termed stay, what about an almost entire month living the life of a new comer in town?

Let's see how Laetitia deals with the daily events and trifles that New York offer and all the fun she had as she experiences new things and meets new friends.

Part 1: 01/12/15 - 01/18/15

Hello everybody,

After I moved into my new flat, I went to the opera to attend La Boheme. It was amazing! The set were magnificent and impressing. There were even a horse and a donkey on stage. The singers'play was very good and it was very emotionnal. During the second act of the opera, which takes place in Paris, there were French soldiers with a French flag on stage. Some people yelled "Vive la France". It was quite funny. People are very concerned by the terrorist attacks that happened in France. During the performance, I was sitting just beside a couple of American Canadian. The woman was very nice. We spoke a lot about my trip, the opera, and the last events in France.


 Friday, I went to a cocktail at the Morgan library and museum organized by the "Internations" network (This is an expatriate community for people all around the world, which organizes events every month). There was a live classical music during the cocktail. Some people were a bit stiff, but I made the acquaintance of an Indian man who works in IT, a Korean girl who works in fashion, and spent half of the year in Paris, half of the year in NY. Finally, I met another Indian man who had spent most of his life in Kenya, had been settled in NY for 6 months, and works in the United Nations.
Image illustrative de l'article Morgan Library and Museum
After that, I met up a friend of mine who did the same engineering school and has been living here for 1 year. We were joined by a friend of his, who lives in the UK, but was in business trip in NY (Her profession consists in going out in bars and discovering expectations from people to create new bar concepts... Yes, it's a real job!).
We went to "Le poisson rouge", a multimedia art cabaret which offers parties with DJ and live music for an affordable price in NY. And guess what?! There is an aquarium at the entrance with a big red fish inside... There were a party called saved by the 90's. I bet that most of the people on the dancefloor either weren't born or was just born in the 90's, but it was nice.