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BDX-USA May Movie Selection

Dear all,

here's the selection of movies of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

Perfume by T. Tykwer 

In 18th century France, a lonely and outcast - and odorless- boy named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille possesses a unique gift: an overdeveloped sense of smell that allows him to be hired by a famous perfume maker.

As he learns the ropes to create perfumes, Jean-Baptiste craves to make the perfume that will allow him to seduce the whole world.

The missing ingredient of the formula is only exuded by  a certain type of person: Young red-headed girls. Madly dedicated to his goal, Grenouille will spread death and horrors al th emore because he is somewhat invisible.

Crime Spree by B Mirman

a band of Parisian gangsters are sent to Chicago by their patron. The job seems easy but before thay can start, they quarrel with a black gang, as they try to flee, they steal the car of a Mexican thug and eventually takes shelter in the house of the the godfather of the local mafia.

The French want to go back home but they will have first to get rid off of all the mobs and police forces chasing them...

Ellie Parker by S. Coffey

The story is a raw and dark comedy about an aspiring actress looking to land a role in Hollywood.

We see her rehearses, crying on demands, running from one appointment to another and in the process, fell (maybe) in love.

You'll have an acerbic look at the underside of the film industry and a good laugh too.