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Sunday, December 3rd -1:00 to 6:00 - Book Sale and Open House



1 :00 pm -  6 :00 pm

Dear all,

Thanks to donations, BDX-USA will organize a book sale where, we are sure, you will find something to indulge yourself or to offer at Christmas.

We have got a wide range of genres: from classic novels to latest mystery stories, from herbal medicine recipes to travel books, from self-help books so that you improve yourself in any aspects of your life History essays… and much more.

Also, we can propose you a large choice of children’s books or books related to education: tales, History, how to make your child love reading … and even a few board games parents and kids can play together.

The BDX-USA team will greet you with some cakes and coffee to award you for fending off the cold outside and join us.

Don’t hesitate to share the information and to bring friends, we will be all the happier to welcome them and tell them more about BDX-USA.