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Thursday, June 8th: Le Corbusier, his life, his work

 Our guest William Héraut will speak about Le Corbusier and what he did as an architect. He will focus on his training and his first projects in Switzerland.

Then we'll hear about his reasons for moving to Paris, part of which was to join the "Mouvement Moderne". It was at that time, for instance, that he built the "Cité Fruges" in Pessac.

The "Cité Fruges" is a neighborhood that was created to house the workers of the sugar plants owned by M. Fruges. It was a daring kind of housing project in those days.

Model of the Cité Fruges. 

But Le Corbusier was not only an architect but also a sculptor, a furiture designer and a writer.

Finally, Wiliam Héraut will tell us how the UNESCO recognized his work and what is Le Corbusier's  influence in 20th century architecture and urbanism.

A leather and stainless steel modernist sofa designed by Le Corbusier in 1928