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Laetitia's trip - Part 8

Laetitia's trip - Part 8: From 02/23/2015 to 03/01/2015

Friday, I went to a wine shop to buy a bottle of red wine for Eduard's family. It was funny to be advised a nice Bordeaux wine by an American who was passionate by wine and who had spent a few years in Bordeaux after his studies, 30 years ago. I packed my stuff for the week end. Eduard, my friend's cousin, picked me up at 6pm and we went to his vacations house in Upstate New York, 2 hours away from New York, in the Hudson Valley. I met his wife Selina, who is a home designer, his goddaughter who is called Laëtitia (her mother is French that's why she has a French firstname) and was here with her 4 months daughter Colette. There were also Laetitia's sister Selina and her husband Rob, and Chase the daughter of Eddy's friend. We had dinner together and had very various conversations.
Vew over the Hudson Valley

Saturday, with the girls, we attended a pilate class in Bangall, a small city in the neighborhood. After lunch, we went to Millerton, a small village in the Hudson Valley. It was snowing a lot. We strolled and entered antique dealers, then we went to a tea shop to choose tea. We came back home, and strolled around the house in the snow. In places, there was 1 meter of snow. The winterly landscape was breathtaking, as it is so remote. There was unspoiled snow as far as the eye can see. We stayed warm and had tea in front of the fireplace. We had another exciting dinner. We shared our experiences of life and the stories of our journeys.

Bengall, New York

Sunday, guests left at 10 am, except me. With Eddy, we drove Chase to the Stanford train station, which is just beside the Hudson. The river was frozen and covered by snow. It was definetely an awesome view. Then, we went to lumber&home, the equivalent of our "Leroy Merlin" in France. After lunch, I helped Eddy in the garage. I discussed with Selina about our favourites museums, tv-series, and films. We ate while watching the Oscar ceremony. We went back to Manhattan. It was probably one of the best week ends of my life. I had never been so well welcome before.

Home & Lumber

I was a bit tired by my job search and deflated. This weekend with all these very kind and helpful people boosted me to keep on trying to achieve my goal.

If Jean de la Bruyère says so!

I hope that you are having a great week end in Bordeaux. I have been told that it was warm and sunny!! Here, we got our last snowy day last thursday. The spring is on its way!!



Hudson Valley in Ralph Lauren's view
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