Bordeaux-USA provides to residents of Gironde the opportunity to share Franco-American friendship, culture and ideas through English-speaking events and our Library in the heart of Bordeaux.
We can try for FREE to take part in one talk (Thursday evening 7:00 pm) OR one conversation hour (see 'Practice your English' tab).

29-01-2015: Impressions about Monet

Resident Librarian & storyteller Anna Moraitis will enlighten us about one of the great Impressionist painters of all time: Monet.

Nymphéa (1905)

Throughout his long life, in canvas after canvas, Claude Monet transformed light and color into art. Painting outdoors, he changed his palette to keep pace with the moving sun. It is hard to believe, but true, that Monet was once considered revolutionary and too provocative to exhibit in the established Art Salons. Come and listen to what was so remarkable back then and how his paintings have transformed our way of perceiving landscape painting.

Heidelberg - William Turner
Heidelberg by Turner

By the way, not only did the French master this art movement but also the Bristish, the most famous of them being Turner. We invite you to watch the movie Mr. Turner as a first acquaintance with the painter.