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12-02-2014: the witches of Salem

Linda Martin will tell us the untold story of the group of women who were accused of witchcraft in 1692 in Salem!


Many theories were developed to explain the Frenzy that seized the puritan people of the small town of Salem: 
- wave of false accusations provoked by a climate of moral
- Women who really went loose as a response to their stiffling lifes in the village?
- benign behaviors that were misinterpreted in the view of a strict society?
- or ... a real encounter with  whom you do not dare to call upon?
It happened that one forebear of her husband was related to the inhabitants of Salem, so she will give us a very insight look upon the trial.
In the meantime, read The crucible by Arther Miller who used the setting of Salem to denounce McCarthysm or why don't you watch the 1957's movie starring S.Signoret and Y. Montant?