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The Librarian's Choice

Hello everyone,

many thanks to Armand, Anita, and Sylvie who helped me last weekend to tidy up the library. We worked really hard to refresh the library for you.
You can now find the hottest of the new donations on the top left shelf by the entrance – lots of new goodies for all of you!

Do have a look at the shelf in the back room. You will find a small selection of books and DVDs for sale, 0,50€ each. Help us fill the library coffers so we can buy new items you wish for.
In the back room are also a bunch of bags with books our group selected for recycling. Please feel free to grab a few and deposit them at your nearest paper recycling bin on the way home.
I would like to fill the now empty shelves in the back room with all the wonderful Photography, USA, and Art books we have to give you a chance to browse, enjoy, and dream.... But you need to help me get the room into shape for this, so please help us get rid of the books marked “recycle”.

And now for our weekly selection:

She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Dolores Price is heartbroken when her handsome but irresponsible father leaves their suburban home for another woman. She and her mother move into her uptight Catholic grandmother's house in Easterly, Rhode Island, where she finds herself an outsider in the adolescent social hierarchy and the strict Catholic school she attends. Follow Dolores' story from aged 4 through to middle age and the struggles in her life in this highly acclaimed novel.
The book was widely read after being chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in December 1996. Lamb's breakthrough novel was named a finalist for the 1992 Los Angeles Book Awards' Art Seidenbaum Prize for first fiction, a Top Ten book for 'People' magazine and a Notable Book for the 'New York Times'. We're proud to have received this book as a donation from you.

As Time Goes By by Michael Walsh
Do you know the movie Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman? You may have seen it once -- or so many times that the lines, the characters, and the noble sentiments of this legendary film are a part of you. You may simply love stories of wartime intrigue, romance, and courage. Or you may yearn to hear the voices of Rick, Ilsa, Victor, Louis, and Sam, even Sacha and Carl, once more...find out what happened after Ilsa and Victor left on the plane for Lisbon...learn about the lives of Rick, Ilsa, Louis, and Sam before they came to Casablanca...and, most of all, be there when Rick and Ilsa meet again. Either way, you won't want to miss... Enjoy another generous donation by one of our members.

Flat Earth News by Nick Davies
An Award-winning Reporter Exposes Falsehood, Distortion and Propaganda in the Global Media.
After years of working as a respected journalist, Nick Davies broke the unwritten rule of the media by investigating the practices of his fellow colleagues. In this eye-opening exposé, Davies uncovers an industry awash in corruption and bias. His findings include the story of a prestigious Sunday newspaper that allowed the CIA to plant fiction in its columns; the newsroom that routinely rejects stories about black people; the respected paper that hired a professional fraudster to set up a front company to entrap senior political figures; as well as a number of newspapers that pay cash bribes to bent detectives. His research also exposes a range of national stories that were in fact pseudo events manufactured by the public relations industry and global news stories that were fiction generated by a machinery of international propaganda. The degree to which the media industry has affected government policy and perverted popular belief is also addressed. Gripping and though-provoking, this is an insider’s look at one of the world’s most tainted professions. Once more, thank you for your donation.

Your Librarian