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Thursday, January 14th: The Feeling of Home by Baptiste Delvalle (Part 2)

As you may remember, Baptiste recently released a book called 

"The Feeling of Home '', 

(find it here) which is

part essay and part personal guidebook. It is his reflections on 
what it means to feel 'at home'.

In his presentation in October, he talked to us about his experiences as an international citizen and how he learned to feel at home anywhere in spite of feeling rootless, uprooted, derooted and de-routed. We also shared some of our experiences. And as we ran out of time, Baptiste volunteered to come back and lead another discussion.

This time we'll start with a question that most everyone in the world has had to consider in "the year that shall not be forgotten" (🙃😷): How has our Feeling of Home changed in 2020? Then we'll see where the discussion leads us.