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Thursday, February 13th: When is a primary not a primary? … When it’s a caucus!

 Note: We will NOT be examining or discussing the candidates or their policies.
Both France & the U.S. are having election years. The process in each country is definitely different and in many ways complicated. As we enter 'the primary season' in the U.S. you might be wondering what is a primary? what is a caucus? is there a difference between the two? If so, then join us this Thursday when Kathryn Larcher will answer your questions and give us insight into the purpose of primaries & caucuses in the U.S. electoral system


 Learn the differences and many other fascinating details about the complex electoral system in the USA, where it seems like each of the 50 states has a different method of choosing the presidential candidates and sometimes it's really just a toss-up.
To be followed by “And when is a college not a university?  … When it’s the Electoral College!”
An examination of the complexity of the November presidential election, its history and future.