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BDX-USA March Movie Selection

Dear all,

here is the selection of movies of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

Cleopatra by C. Mankiewicz

It is a sweeping tale of power and betrayal: the lengendary story of the queen of the Nile and her conquest over Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Mankiewicz depicts the unforgettable portrayal of the bequiling beauty who seduced two of  Rome's geatest soldiers and changed the course of History. 

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by G. Ritchie

Eddy, Soap, Tom and Bacon have a scheme: thanks to Eddy's gift for poker, the team could be very rich in just one night.

But they did not plan the organizer of the game was dishonest and cheated on them; in the end the fours boys owe half a million of pounds to the gangster.

In one week only they must find another scheme and put it into practice to write off their debt.

Back to the Future by R. Zemeckis

Marty McFly is a teenager who goes to hig school, loves Rock-&-Roll and have a skate-board... Nothing perculiar but his friend, eccentric physicist Emmet Brown who have created a car that allow you to go back in time.

In a nick of time, Marty is thrown into 1955 and meet two teenagers who will be his parents. Problem: his arrival prevent them from falling in love and are about to make Marty just "vanish into thin air" if he can't make them fall in love again.