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BDX-USA October Movie Selection

Dear All,

discover the movie selection of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

American Gigolo by P. Schrader

Julian Kaye (Richard Gere) is a male escort in Los Angeles whose job supports and requires an expensive taste in cars and clothes, and affords him a luxury Westwood apartment. He is blatantly materialistic, narcissistic and superficial; however, takes pleasure in his work from being able to sexually satisfy women, particularly older women.

His life get complicated though when becomes romantically involved with a prominent politician's wife while simultaneously becoming the prime suspect in a murder case.

Lord of War by A. Niccol

Nicolas Cage plays an illegal arms dealer, inspired by the stories of several real-life arms dealers and smugglers. The film was officially endorsed by the human rights group Amnesty International for highlighting the arms trafficking by the international arms industry.

It also shows the arm dealer confronting the morality of his work as he is being chased by an Interpol agent.

A. Sodi made a film about arm trafficking in the 1970's intitled Finché c'é Guerra, C'é Speranza (While there's war, there's hope).

Moulin Rouge by B. Luhrmann

Satine is the dazzling star of the Moulin Rouge, the haunt of the fin-de-siècle decadent upper-crust. Smoldering beauty, she bewitches Christian, a young penniless writer who believes in truth, beauty, freedom and love. Together, they will create a work of art to defy the grim world of the cabaret but fate has something else in stock for them.