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What a party!

June 26th, BDX-USA celebrated the Independence Day and it was a big success: crazy prizes to win at our raffle game, delicious pies to taste at our baking contest, good wine to drink for the apéro, great food to savor and a band of kind friends to spend the day with.

Sally and Gill  (and our president, Concetta) welcomed guests with a smile and their attendants list!

Anna and Kevin raised funds selling raffle game tickets. Which one will sell more?

Our barman for a day was all the more pleased to serve you rosé or soft drinks.

Thanks to Gill for the beautiful decoration she made and to all the members who helped set up everything.

Everybody enjoying themselves before the buffet is served.

Even former consul Toby Wolf sent us a message to congratulate BDX-USA about the work that has been done to bridge American and French people. We wish him the best for the future.

A table!

All the prizes you could win at our raffle game.

Winner of the 1st prize, a bottle of Chateau Micalet.

Yummy Independence Day cake with strawberries, other berries and even sugar daisie!

Cakes in competition for the Baking contest: Passion cake, Clara's cake, Vilain petit canard au chocolat, Cherry polka dot pudding, Morning in Ceret and Stars and Stripes.

In the background, Melissa brought Basque cherries with ... Basque cheese? Actually, it was white chocolate.

The jury who voted for the best cake very seriously: Hélène, Nicolas & Jean-Michel and the representant of the San Francisco delegation who came for the wine festival.

Virginia, winner of the Baking contest twice in a row, this year with her Clara's Cheesecake. What's her secret?

A last view of the gorgeous landscape where the picnic took place in Parc de Angélique before leaving. But don't worry we'll meet again to eat, drink and be merry soon!