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18-06-2015: Chicago "Nowadays" & "New York, New York"!

We’ll head off to Chicago, full of old and new architectural gems. Can you recognize a building by Frank Lloyd Wright, Gehry or Burnham?  
You may know the nickname of NYC ("Big Apple") or Las Vegas ('Sin city"!) but what about Chicago (when you'll know it you'll prefer visit the city in summer)?
Thanks to Melissa Klass whose Chicago is her hometown and  Andrée Destacamp who visited the city, you'll have a personal insight of the "Windy City" (well you already know its nickname).
Home Insurence Building, first skycrapper ever built in 1885.
Indeed, Chicago and not NYC was the home of the tall buildings.

But that's not all, Andrée will also speak about her childhood in the Village and  her trip to NYC last February and give her impression about the Big Appel in winter-time.
Some poet stated that NYC has 5 seasons that shape the moods of the city:
- Indian Summer (fall arrived and people are back to work but it's still hot and pleasant),
- Fall (when Central Park turned red, gold and brown),
- Winter (the very low temperatures and the icy wind make the city seems sleeppy, did Andrée felt the same thing?),
- Spring (mild weather and blossoming flowers make Greenwhich village an actual village),
- Summer (so hot that all the air-conditioners are on and likely to cause a black-out and so stuffy inside you want to live outside and turn the fire staircases into terraces, think Holly Gollightly singing Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffanies).
The sky of New York after a downpour.