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The Librarian's Choice

Dear all,
as members of BDX-USA prepared the exhibition about the "Underground railroad", they dug up interesting books on slavery, black history in the USA and biographies about major figureheads.



The death of Lincoln by Leroy Hayman is a picture history of the assassination of Lincoln, the president who had to deal with the Civil war (1861-1865) that would eventually end slavery in the South. Unfortunately, he couldn't see the Reconstruction process of the South as he was killed during the performance of Our American Cousins at the Ford's Theater in Washington.

Was it revenge or did the murderers want to prevent the president from carrying out other policies?
In this book illustrated with more than 50 photos, drawings and paintings of the time, is the tragic true story of Lincoln’s death – and what happened after.


In Malcom X the FBI file by Clayborne Carson and with an introduction by director Spike Lee, you’ll learn that the FBI had already opened a file on Malcom K. Little after his release from a Boston prison in March 1953.

Indeed, it follows the rise of Malcom X into his position as the charismatic spokesman for the Nation of Islam, his many activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and finally the founding of the Muslim Mosque Incorporated in NYC and the Organization of Afro-American Unity.

Historian C. Carson, professor at Stanford University, examines Malcom’s relationship to other African-American leaders and institutions so as to determine his place in modern African-American history and gives detailed commentaries on each sections of the file to make it clear.


Martin Luther King by Adam Fairclough is a short account of the life of M.L.K. who peacefully (following Gandhi’s teaching) fought segregation against black people in the South of the USA and so reinvigorated American democracy.

The book is part of the Cardinal collection, a series that place each subject within the context of their domestic politics as well as reassessing their international importance. But it also offers an authoritative and sometimes controversial view on men and women who shaped the modern world.


From the pulpit (MLK was a pastor and used religion to inspire people) or from jail, follow the man whose death 40 years ago did not stop his teaching to inspire people of all faiths, colors and nations.

Also, have you ever heard of W. E. B. Du Bois? If not discover the thoughts of this learned black writer who opened schools for freed blacks and many other authors giving their insights about the history of African-Americans, reading Black History, a Reappraisal edited by Melvi Drimmer.

And we had to add Slave Narratives that gives witnesses of fighting against slavery and for civil rights from 1772 to 1864. The book is a medley of stories written by prominent black writers and is published by the Library of America, a famous non-profit publisher dedicated to preserve America’s best and most significant writings. The Library of America collection was generously offered by the U.S. consulate in Bordeaux. Discover the other writers in the same edition in our library.