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Chicano Dream

Above; ecstatic BDX-USA visitors.
Bottom left: Martine Lamarche, our passionate guide.
Bottom right: a mural by Valadez.

On the 16th of Ocotber, thanks to Yann Rouvery, Bordeaux-USA had the privilege to have a private guided tour in the Musée d'Aquitaine about the Chicano Dream exhibit.
We especially saw that, though colorful, the paintings delivered sometimes quite a sinister or deeply sad message.
But in general, we were both bemused and enthralled  by the vibrancy of the works and the diversity of the styles.

You want to know more about Valadez, clik here to discover his eerie world.

Do not miss it before it is over! And why not take along with you some of the "latino" art?
Indeed, the museum put on sale a limited series of 100 numbered screen painted drawings (33cm x 71cm) made by Valadez, which are inspired by the mural that ornates the façade of the museum (see above).

It costs €150, which is a deal: the artist lowered the price for the "Amis du Musée" and it is an investment.
And as one says: "what is beautiful is never expensive".

It is payabe by check to:
Association des Amis du Musée d'Aquitaine
20 cours Pasteur
33000 Bordeaux
Once your check is received, you can fetch your drawing at the reception of the museum.

For more information, please contact Martine LAMARCHE:
06 81 96 88 22 or 05 56 24 19 24.