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May 19th 2022 : OFD + Josephine Baker (part 2)


5:30-6:45pm - Open Free Discussion (OFD) : we invite those of you with a good level of English to join us for this lively exchange of Franco-American culture & language facilitated by native English speakers.

7pm-8pm - Josephine Baker (part 2) : we will follow her (with numerous photos and video clips) from her humble beginnings in Saint Louis to the Folies Bergères and from there on to her castle in the Dordogne. We’ll watch her fighting for civil rights in America alongside Martin Luther King Jr, travelling the world and risking her life for her country.
But don’t worry. We’ll also see her banana skirt dance and her pet cheetah, Chiquita, wearing a diamond collar while strolling with his mistress down the Champs Elysées. And of course we’ll learn about her love life. “Deux amours”... or more ?