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Thursday, November 21st: Meet A. Lipscomb, Consul of the USA in Bordeaux

Alexander Lipcomb is from Virginia, his father owned a farm where they produced milk. After the islamist terrorist attack against the Twin Tower, a, economic recession followed. Collin Powel, G. W. Bush's State Secretary, started a recruting campaign and out of job after university, Lipscomb applied ans was selected.

Owning a History and French degree in addition to an MBA, A. Lipscomb, francophone and francophile diplomat who also speaks Spanich and have some knowledge of Russian, succeeded to climb into his position thanks to his being mutilingual and his managerial talent.

The consul's mission is to explain American politics, society and culture.
He also helps the American companies to enter the French market. Indeed, the main goal of the consulate is to strenghten the links between Frnahc and American economies, especially regarding aeronautics and defense, electronic components, agriculture, food industry and wine, chemistry and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and tourism.