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Thursday March 28th: Book Club Discussion - "Black Water" by J.C. Oats

March 28th at 5:00, join our book club to discuss "Black Water" by J.C. Oats.

BDX-USA is honored to have professor Pascale Antolin from Bordeaux-Montaigne with us to analyze the novel.

No need to have read the book, if you like J.C. Oats or American literature just pop in to enjoy the discussion.

Joyce Carol Oates has taken a shocking story that has become an American myth (i.e. the "Chappaquiddick incident" involving Ted Kennnedy and Mary Jo Kopechne) and, from it, has created a novel of electrifying power and illumination. Kelly Kelleher is an idealistic, twenty-six-year-old “good girl” when she meets the Senator at a Fourth of July party. 

In a brilliantly woven narrative, we enter her past and her present, her mind and her body as she is fatally attracted to this older man, this hero, this soon-to-be-lover. Kelly becomes the very embodiment of the vulnerable, romantic dreams of bright and brave women, drawn to the power that certain men command—at a party that takes on the quality of a surreal nightmare; in a tragic car ride that we hope against hope will not end as we know it must end. (Source: BookRead)