Bordeaux-USA provides to residents of Gironde the opportunity to share Franco-American friendship, culture and ideas through English-speaking events and our Library in the heart of Bordeaux.
We can try for FREE to take part to one talk (Thursday evening 7:00 pm) OR one conversation hour (see 'Practice your English' tab).


Thursday 20th: Christmas Party

"Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful…"

…especially at BDX-USA at Christmas time:

Christmas Potluck

If your family name starts with a letter between A and G, bring some savory food and if your family name starts with a letter between H and Z bring some sweet things.

Gift Exchange

Everybody brings a little present (Nothing more than €5) and puts it under the Christmas tree. Each gift holds a number so that when Santa Claus himself gives you a present, he'll tell your first 3 numbers. If the number of your gift is mentioned you can still pick one of the two other presents. Smart, isn't it?

Carol Singing

Do you prefer more "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree "or "Ho, Holy Night"? or are you ready to sing "Twelves Days Before Christmas"?! Anyway, we'll sing a wide range of both French and English carols to cheer us up!