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Pie Contest

Hello dear friends from Bordeaux-USA,

As you know we'll celebrate 4th of july with a great picnic ( it will be on Sunday, July 1st) parc des angeliques .

As usual there will be a pie contest and a great prize for the winner.... Don't hesitate to cook some delicious pie and please answer this mail by giving your name to participate.

How it works:
- choose a recipe,
- invent a funny name,
- send the name of the cake and your contacts (email address & phone number) to,
- On July 1st, come with your cake, we'll put it away until the contest around 3:00 pm,
- A jury made up with Anne-Sophie (the latest pie contest winner), Andrée (one of the organizers of the picnic) and last but not least, Dan Hall, consul of the USA in Bordeaux will judge the pies and cakes and award the winner,
- Another jury made up with children will also judge the pies,
- at last, everybody can enjoy all the delicious cakes.

So we count on you for your cake to be delicious, have a poetic name, and be wonderfully decorated !!!...

Good luck!