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BDX-USA April Movie Selection

Dear all,

here is the selection of movies of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

The Portrait of a Lady by J. Campion

Isabel Archer is a young woman of daring independence and equally fierce desires.

However, her headstrong innocence is no match for the manipulations of her cunning friend Madame Merle and the devious Gilbert Osmond.

Hidalgo by J. Johnston

A sandstorm of epic proportion, a swarm of locusts so massive it obliterates the relentless sun: here are the few deadly traps that Hopkins, the greatest long distance racer ever, will face.

He indeed takes part to the ultimate extreme sport of its time: the Ocean of Fire. Underdogs challenging the finest Arabian horses and riders who must not only survive the grueling desert but also the evil plots of competitors!

Hideous Kinky by G. McKinnon

In the 1970's, fleeing the stifling life she leads in London, free-spirited Julia, mother of two,  looks for escapism in Morocco.

There, she will meet a handsome street art performer and have a steamy relationship with him. However, her single-minded quest for enlightement may actually make her lose what she loves most.