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BDX-USA January Book Selection

Dear all,

here is the selection of books of the month. They are on display in the foyer of BDX-USA.

Li'l Mama's Rules by S. Jackson

Madison Maguire is a modern-day heroine who appears to have it all. She's feisty, gorgeous, smart, and savvy -- a single woman playing the field and loving it. She sticks to the rules of dating she's learned through life's tough breaks as she fends off two-bit actors, old flames, and a determined secret admirer.

The game changes, however, when Mr. Right appears on the scene. But just as Madison is about to follow her heart, her life turns upside down as she learn she's very ill due to her past love affairs, forcing her to learn a whole new set of rules about love, loss, and trust. 

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Continental Drift by R. Banks

Set in the early 1980s, it follows two plots, through which Banks explores the relationship between apparently distant people drawn together in the world under globalization, which Banks compares to the geologic phenomena of continental drift.

The first plot features Bob DuBois, a working class New Englander who heads to Florida in the hopes of striking it rich; the second plot traces the journey of Vanise Dorsinville from Haiti to Florida. It is an avowedly political work, whose stated aim is to "destroy the world as it is."

In 1985, the novel was awarded the Dos Passos prize by the department of English of the Longwood University.

The Bobby Dazzlers by A. Martin

If you were looking for a crack four-man team to tackle a tricky, delicate burglary, the Bobby Dazzlers would be your worst nightmare. The Bobby Dazzlers follows the stumbling progress of four anti-heroes in a funny, macabre thriller about jealousy, drugs, media-friendly Yorkshiremen, salmon fishing, Modernist chair design and gruesome death, all set against a backdrop of beautiful Georgian architecture and some of England's finest countryside. The Bobby Dazzlers is a macabre comic thriller - the story of what happens when the self-satisfied North bumps up against its larger-guzzling, delinquent underbelly.

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