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Thursday, October 26th: Halloween Party


Come dressed-up (or not).

BDX-USA can lend you costumes, if you wish:

-        Marie-Antoinette (M) Gown, powdered wig & mask

-        Mr. Hyde (M) Victorian three-piece, wig & mask

-        Ghoul (M) Regency dress, cap and mask

-        The Grim Reaper (M) Black hooded robe & mask

-        Dracula (Unique size) red-lined black cape, top-hat & mask

First to ask for it, first to get it.


Please, bring candies, sweets or cakes and drinks for our “Halloween goûter”. BDX-USA will provide candies but first you will have to win the games.


Do not worry, nothing sticky or messy but musical chairs, who-am-I game, pin-the-witch-hat game…and we will also make the time warp again.


Our Halloween party will not be complete without you scaring us with spooky ghost tales.

For information, please contact:

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