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June 25th: baking contest for the 4th of July picnic

It's time to show-off your baking talents!

We do hope that many of you will join our Baking Contest andmake delicious desserts for our annual 4th of July picnic.

How to do it?

Step 1: Pick a recipe. Pie, tart, cake...we won't be difficult to please!

Step 2 : Choose an original name. In years passed, we ate a "Teeth-breaker Tart", a "Cerise Polka-dot Pie", and a "Chocolate Ugly Duckling Pie"! So be creative!

Step 3: Sign up by sending an email to Philippe at: . All guests (members & non-members) attending the Picnic are welcome to participate! Go here to sign up for the picnic: .

Step 4: The day before the picnic (June 24th) prepare your gastronomic delight.

Step 5: Please bring it the day of the picnic (June 25th) around 11:00 am so that we've got time to store them and be ready to display them later.

Step 6: The jury will taste each cake and the winner (maybe YOU) will get a prize: Wild Women in the Kitchen. A book about dynamic women (some of whom happen to like cooking) that includes a lot of tasty recipes & wild stories about said women!

Contestants: Start Your Ovens! We look forward to enjoying your creations!