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Thursday, February 9th: A peek at Brazil: an insider's view

Brazil is huge and extremely diverse so to talk about it would require many hours. During this talk, Simone Raskin will give you a glimpse of her Brazil. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, iconic city, live in Sao Paulo, the economic and financial heart of Brazil, and have a house in Paraty, a small colonial town on the seaside. Through these three cities you will be able to get to know a little bit of this wonderful country. 

Art Déco Christ in Rio de Janeiro, a lively & modern view of Sao Paulo and the peaceful little port of Paraty.

Simone Raskin was born in Rio de Janeiro where she attended the American school , then lived in Paris for twenty years where she graduated with a doctorate from the Sorbonne. Later, she went back to Brazil but always spent time in France dividing her time and her heart between the two countries. She's an English teacher but drifted off to other territories such as filmmaking, stylist, entrepreneur and personal tourist guide. Now She's back in France, taking root in the “terroir”, in Bordeaux.