La Coloc'

►► NEW LOCATION: La Coloc' - 19 rue Père Louis de Jabrun!


**WE ARE BACK since Sept 3rd**
Our Agenda of our activities are available below or directly HERE :.
► English conversation groups will start on Sept 16th. For French group a bit later on Sept, please check regularly our website :-)

Thursday, November 17th: Bordeaux walk-through Part 2

It must take many hours to discover all the secrets of Bordeaux. So join us for our "digital walk-through" of Bordeaux. 

We'll lead you from the Chartreuse cementery to the Chartrons and stop at Saint Michel and the Bastide. Do you know what the king of France did to punish the denizens of Bordeaux? What frigthening figures lurked in St Michel or why the Palais Gallien is not called the Roman arenas of Bordeaux.

Well, BDX-USA will ask you to rack your brain thanks to our quiz to find out!