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The Librarian's Choice: Christmas selection

Ho ho ho,

Christmas is round the corner, borrow one of the books of the selection we made for you, snuggle near the fireplace (a heater will) and have you family and relatives around you to share those wonderful stories, suited for the season.

Let's start with The cat who came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory. It tells the story of a self-confessed curmudgeon and confirmed dog-owner who founds himself standing in a deserted alley trying to rescue a dirty, injured and decidedly unfriendly starving cat.

And the our man will trade a life of independence for a the life of a cat-owned man.

Typical. Just when Bertie thinks that God's in his heaven and all's right with the world, things start to go wrong again...
There's young Bingo Little, who's in love for the umpteenth time and needs Bertie to put in a good word for him with his uncle; Aunt Agatha, who forces Bertie to get engaged to the formidable Honoria Glossop; and the troublesome twins, Claude and Eustace, whose antics when let loose in London know no bounds.
Add to that some friction in the Wooster home over a red cummerbund, purple socks and some snazzy old Etonian spats, and poor Bertie's really in the soup...
Only one man can save the day - the inimitable Jeeve.

Don't bother to read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, read instead the version by James Finn Garner who rewrote the story so that it meets the criteria of political correctness.
This story and many others from Politically Correct Holiday Stories will put a smile on your face as you rediscover the classics with a modern and amusing fashion.

Speaking of Charles Dickens, read Nicholas Nickleby to have a glimpse of the author's life but also to meet with endearing character and not that so such as the iniquitous Wackford Squeers, the delightful Mrs Kickleby, the eccenctric Crummles and many more.
It is certainly among the most comic piece of Victorian literature.

Some of Dickens' works were adapted for the TV, the cinema and into musicals!