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Thursday, June 9th: 'Everything you wanted to know about a French Pharmacy but were afraid to ask!'

Our member Philippe Morard is a Pharmacist. He will give a presentation tonight about 'Everything you wanted to know about a French Pharmacy but were afraid to ask!' Hoping to make this an interactive talk, he'll start by giving some insight into the inner workings of his Pharmacy including the role of the health insurance system, what you can and cannot buy or rent in a Pharmacy and the importance of the prescription.

Then he'll answer some of your questions about drugs, generics, the parapharmacy, different insurances and much more. Finally he's counting on us Anglophones to also share some info about how our systems work and welcomes attendees to share their Franco-Anglo experiences.

Born in New York City, Phillippe left the states when he was still a baby to live in France. He has lived in Paris and Bourges, and studied to be a Pharmacist in Tours. He has now spent 26 years in Bordeaux, managing "la pharmacie du grand théâtre", which is a small pharmacy that serves both local and traveling customers alike.