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Once again, BDX-USA was there to hoist the colors of the club. This time we stood outside to give the medals to all, yes all, the runners to congratulate them for doing the marathon, half-marathon and relay-marathon.

 Fortunately the weather was fine (even if it was rather humid as we were near the river). But it did not matter! The volunteers and our group warmed-up the atmosphere by laughing, cheering and shaking the wades of medals (gosh, it did sound like Christmas bells).

The design of the three types of medals (marathon, half-marathon & relay-marathon) were beautiful but apparently Andrée would have substituted them for a "peace & love" symbol as she greeted the runners in a hippy mode.

Dan, Amand, Concetta & Yann busy sorting out the medals before the runners arrive.

Congratulations to Said Benharizi for finishing first at the second edition of the Marathon de Bordeaux.

 But the other runners deserved their medal too. Don't worry, the cold and late hour did not damper our spirits, far from it.