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The Librarian's Choice: Magazines

Dear all,

if it takes too long to read complete novel, have a magazine instead. Sit comfortably and sip a cup of coffee as you read M, Vocable or Time magazine.

Time magazine, March 21, 2016

# How African armies use rape as a weapon to weaken the enemy.
# A tribute to Nacy Reagan.
# How reaganomics are applied in China...

Vocable, January 21 to February 3, 2016

# All the cool things you can do & not just dream in Arizona.
# How bantering is used by the Scotish police to ease conflicts.
# An interview of actor Tom Courtenay...

M (in French), February 13, 2016

# A river used to run through L.A.
# Are bike lanes about to replace fast lanes?
# Bitter almond...