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Thursday, February 24th: Yummy evening at Oji

BDX-USA invites you to go to the “Orijines Oji” restaurant (8 Cours Maréchal Juin 33000 Bordeaux opposite the "Palais de Justice" tram stop) and listen to chef Marie Nguyen speak about her passion for Asian cooking & "parcours de vie".

Marie Nguyen has been the manager with her husband of the
restaurant Oji since 2010. Before that, she had a first experience with a family restaurant she took over in Caudéran in 2006.

Oji reflects the personality of Marie, indeed it is both contemporary
and traditional. The setting is chic and modern while the menu
is typical of Vietnamese and Laotian cooking.
Moreover, our chef loves to play with her French and Asian origins
and cultures to offer you a unique cuisine.

At 7:00 pm, Marie will talk about her way of cooking Asian food
for French patrons as we'll taste a few nibbles and wine offered
by BDX-USA & Oji.

If you choose, join us for dinner at 8:00 pm, and enjoy some more of Marie's créations.

Dish n°1: Curry and beef with rice or noodle.
Dish n°2: Satay chicken kebabs and peanut sauce with rice or noodle.

tapioca and coconut milk & fresh fruit.

A glass of red wine
a glass of beer (you have to add an extra euro).

Special price for BDX-USA:
€15 (menu + a glass of wine)
€16 (menu + a glass of beer)
Limited seating (30 seats). 

Reservation before Saturday, March 19th

Please click on the link to make a reservation: HelloAsso 

send us a check for the amount (order: Bordeaux-USA)

NB: cancellations after the 19th  are not refunded.
Also please note that our premises at 38 allées d’Orléans will be closed for the evening.