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The Librarian's choice: How they built America.

Even though, the USA copied different European styles, it always managed to make it "American" with a very recognizable style, until architects such as Frank Lloyd created the uttermost American aesthetics, the "prairie style", based on American nature.
With our book selection, we hope you'll undestand better what the American style is and what ideas lie beneath it.

Guiding readers through a staggering 5,000 years of world architecture, Jonathan Glancey's eminently knowledgeable, authoritative, and always fascinating insights make reading this Story of architecture irresistible, despite the enormity of the subject.
Featuring influential and innovative architects of every age, along with their masterpieces, from the ziggurat at Ur to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, this stylish, lavishly illustrated book shows the unique historical, geographical, and cultural elements that have influenced and literally shaped the world's greatest architecture.
Click on the picture to read the architect's  interview about the Concorde.

After a general lesson about architecture, let's focus on the usa. In this 1960's book, you'll discover the most iconic places in America: présidents and governors' mansions, humble medieval house such as the one of patriotic hero Paul Revere and other enchantings homes of artists.

Paul Revere's house.

A field guide to American architecture is a comprehensive handbook on our architectural heritage traces the fascinating development of architectural styles in the United States, from the simple wood houses of the 17th century to the steel and glass towers of our own day.
Over 450 illustrations to be beheld.

Federal architecture, typical of the Young American republic.
Boston, MA. State House, Charles Bulfinch, architect. c.1795-1797.

At last, with New Orleans, a photographic journey, Suzy Forbes guide you into the streets of one of the most picturesque city in the USA and allow reader and viewers to see the many détails that give the place its charm.

Flat roof, balconies with iron lace, hung greenery, French Windows with shutters and brick wall.
Unmistakingly, we're in New Orléans.