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Sunday's Book Sale

On Sunday, the 17th, BDX-USA raised funds by selling a large choice of books. Visitors came and left with armful of books but don't worry we have still books on sale in the backroom. 

- magazine: € 0,30 (4 magazines for €1)
- paperback: €0,50 (10 paperbacks = 2 for free),
- hardback: €1 (10 hardbacks = 1 for free),
- toptable book: €5 ("beau livre" in the librarian's French jargon).

38, allée d'Orléans 33000 Bordeaux (Quinconces)
Backroom & library

Opening hours, every week:
- Monday from 6:30 pm,
- Tuesday from 6:30 pm,
- Thursday from 5:00 pm.

 The BDX-USA team were greeting the visitors with a beaming smile and a few cakes and hot drinks. Thanks to Agnès, Andrée, Anita, Armand, Concetta & Cynthia for organizing the event.

Visitors foud the way to BDX-USA and browsed among the numerous books on sale.

 Everybody had something that wheted their curiosity.

 A large choice of "fiction" books, among them Danielle Steel & the complete "True Blood" series.

 Chandler, Ludlum and LeCarré will thrill you as you follow their heroes investigating crime scenes and spying.

 Of course, we have all the "classics", from "the adventures of Huckleberry Finn" to the "Odysseus".

 It's never too soon to learn English, you children will love English thanks to the colorful childern's stories. "Horrible histories" will be a fun way to learn British History.

 If you prefer to relax, flip through magazines, 1984's, 1985's and 1986's "National Geographic" will bewitch you with its wonderful pictures.

 "Tablebooks" or "coffeebooks" are large books replete with gorgeous photographs. We have a large range of geography, History and architectures books.

 BDX-USA couldn't miss to offer you books on "Americans": books that depict the daily life of the human mosaic that makes up the USA.

 And plenty of other kinds of books are on sale in the backroom of BDX-USA.