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November 26th, 2015: Thanksgiving

Just 2 weeks before the event, we had to change our venue for our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. However, we did not let that dampen our spirits! With a grand effort of our members & friends we transformed the Association into our 'home' for the evening. Another great night of sharing Franco-American friendship to add to our memory book!

And because Thanksgiving is a time to say "thank you"

Thanks to:

the "busy workerbees" who set up and decorated the tables,
Gill, who carefully checked everyone in,
the members who prepared elaborate appetizers,

the members who cooked real Thanksgiving dishes: sweet potatoes casseroles, seasoned beans salad, gravy & cranberry sauce,

the members who made plenty of delicious pumpkin pies,
Linda who kindly accepted to roast BDX-USA's huge turkey,
Alan who cut the turkey off as a real Rockwellian patriarch,
Kevin, organizer of the raffle game,
members who couldn't be with us but who wished us a happy Thanksgiving via emails,
gendarmes, police officers, firebrigades, paramedics, nurses & doctors, soldiers working hard & long hours to look after all of us (BDX-USA was too happy to share a few cakes with Laurent and his unit),

and all the members & friends who celebrated Thanksgiving together.