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Independence day picnic

As usual, we had lots of fun at our Independence Day picnic, delicious cakes, nice gifts, fine weather and friends!
Happy birthday America!

We were at quai des Queyries (Bastide) where the scenery is just charming, but thanks to technology we travelled to the USA as we watched a video of the Hermione arriving in NYC cheered by the crowd.

Gill, our secretary and Concetta our president welcomed the attendees and new comers with a big smile.

People chatting and enjoying themsleves. Bottom-right: our vice-president and consul Toby Wolf who kindly turned up.

Christian was happy to serve drinks to thirsty people. It was recommended to drink as the weather was hot and we did it ;-) (avec modération).
Thanks to Domaine de la Chouette for providing the wine.
Lucky us, this year we were well-covered by the press. Left, Yann, our P.R. talking with a journalist from Sud-Ouest.
Right, the ever-faithful Bernard Lamarque from Bordeaux-Gazette

A table!

How yummy! again BDX-USA members showed off their talent as chefs and made delicious desserts.
Top-right: The consul and other judge deciding which cakes are the best.
Bottom-right: clock-Wise, Anita and Andrée (organizers of the contest), Concetta and Virginia winner of the first prize thanks to her Colette chocolate cake.

And of course our raffle game, enjoyed by so many and efficiently organized by Kevin.
Bernard was the fortunate winner of 3 bottles of Saint-Estèphe. He can indeed beaming with a smile.