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The Librarian's Choice

Hello everyone,
in anticipation of lying on the beach, listening to the surf, the smell of sun lotion, our loving partner whispering sweet little nothings into our ears, as we try to - discreetly - turn the pages of the latest book we're reading.... here are some options for you:

In The Eye Of The Sun by Ahdaf SoueifThis was her debut novel, charming, engaging, and a bit all over the place. A romance against the backdrop of the muslim world but from an insider. Refreshing, in that we're bypassing the the western perspective and focus on emotions. A panorama on modern Egyptian culture, food, song, customs. Life choices, moving to London and life there. Where does one belong to when you share your life between two countries and two value systems? Perhaps some of our Asso members can relate..... The perfect summer read - informative, evocative, nostalgic.
I Am England by Patricia Wright
A long journey through England's history with different episodes set in different places and time periods. It spans five linked episodes from 70 AD through 1589, the lives of Brac the primitive smith, Edred, Alfred's Saxon warrior, Rico, the traveling storyteller, and Francis, ironmonger and martyr. The community, its traditions, is shaped by movements like Alfred's wars against Viking raiders, the Norman conquest, religious vagaries and persecutions, as well as the communal repair of a pool, the naming of an ox, and quarrels from one generation that bring prosperity or death to succeeding ones.
Pompeii by Robert Harris
The title says it all: a sweltering week in late August; where better to enjoy the last days of summer than on the beautiful Bay of Naples? But even as Rome's richest citizens relax in their villas around Pompeii and Herculaneum, there are ominous warnings that something is going wrong. Wells and springs are failing, a man has disappeared, and now the greatest aqueduct in the world - the mighty Aqua Augusta - has suddenly ceased to flow. Through the eyes of four characters - a young engineer, an adolescent girl, a corrupt millionaire and an elderly scientist. Robert Harris brilliantly recreates a luxurious world on the brink of destruction. Explosive and reliable, is our Mr.Harris.

Disclosure by Michael Crichton
Yes, admit it, you all watched the movie and wondered why YOUR female boss never looked like Demi Moore!!
What is it about?
Thomas Sanders' world collapses in just 24 hours - he is passed over for promotion, his new woman boss comes on to him during a drink after work, then, the next morning, he learns that she has accused him of sexually harassing her. She demands his transfer, thereby threatening to cut him off from the millions he would have made when his high-tech company was floated on the stock market. Actually, the book is so much better than the movie. It is much more nuanced and thought provoking than a panting or scowling Michael Douglas could offer. Try it!

Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
Suite Française is the title of a planned sequence of five novels by Irène Némirovsky, a French writer of Ukrainian Jewish origin. In July 1942, having just completed the first two of the series, Némirovsky was arrested as a Jew and detained at Pithiviers and then Auschwitz, where she died. The notebook containing the two novels was preserved by her daughters but not examined until 1998. The sequence was to portray life in France in the period following June 1940, the month in which the invading German army rapidly defeated the defending French; Paris and northern France immediately came under German occupation on June 14. Just one of many jewels we have in our library, why don't you come and find out...

Remember that the library and the Association remain open through the summer, so don't hesitate to have a look around and pick something for your beach weekend!
All the best
Your Librarian Anna