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You have the right to attend to a potluck for free.
If you like it then sign up to BDX-USA
(€50 an adult/ €25 a student or a job-seeker).

Once again it’s time for our 1st Thursday of the month Potluck Dinner. What a wonderful relaxed way to spend an evening – in French and English!

We count on your spirited defense of the French culinary and winegrowing tradition…but actually American food will do too ;-)

So make your favorite recipe or bring along your favorite foods to share. Oh, and don't forget a bit of the 'vine' or whatever you like to drink.

Potluck Etiquette:

If you arrive at 6:30, please help set up the room.
  • Eat, Drink & Be Merry...and keep moving around the table.
  • We know that sometimes it's not possible to bring food & drink with this year we'll have a little box where you can make a monetary contribution.
  • Please keep the planet in mind and keep up with your plates & plastic cups...and eventually make sure they find their way into the correct CAN in the kitchen: yellow for recyclables, red for everything else.  Plastic utensils have their own plastic bag in the kitchen.
  • If you use metal utensils at the Association, please clean them before you leave. We have cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

  • And please continue the wonderful job you've been doing with the cleaning up!
  • In case you don't know, we DO NOT have our own trash and recyclable cans to put at the curb.
  • We either have to find room in our neighbor's cans or cart it off ourselves.
  • So if you do need to leave before clean up time & you see some empty glass bottles...take one with you to the recycling bins on the corner in front of the Tourist Office.
  • It really does help!