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Inside Llewin Davis

Today BDX-USA watched Inside Llewin Davis, a movie by the Cohen brothers.
It depicts the wandering life of a folk singer in a gritty winter New York who struggles to play his own music and not the commercial songs that the manager want him to perform. 
Meet the 50's Beat generation still roaming the roads in 1961, the wannabe Beatles-like pop bands haunting Greenwich Village, the "progressive" univerty professors throwing highbrow parties in the Upper East Side... and the timeless losers ...hem... proud rogue artists who elbow their way out.
And yet, it isn't as bleak as it seems, actually it's pretty happy-go-Lucky and somehow, our hero will shut off his troubles.

Last point, after watching the movie, do you think, on a scale between 1 and 10, that it is a "Cohen brothers" film?