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De Blasio V.S. da Bull?

Less famous than Lady Liberty, the Charging Bull represents the unfathomable optimism in the American dream and prosperity.
Settled in Bowling Green Park, near the 1st stock exchange in the world, it symbolized the resistance to the economic crisis of 1987.

But it's to a flesh and blood obstacle that the symbol of the laissez-faire economy will have to face. Recently, the New-yorkers (in fact 20% no more) voted in masse for Bill de Blasio.
Father of an Italian-African-American family  and married to a militant of the homosexual cause, this democrat embodies the left-wing, as progressist ...but also socialist (in the French way).


He wants to tax the wealthiest to pay for nursery schools, remedial courses and tenement halls.
Moreover, he wants to reorganize the police staff which according to him had appearence-based préjudices.

Former Republican mayors -Giuliani and Bloomberg- had the rate of crime dramatically reduced and they favored the economic growth and tourism.
But De Blasio deems that one of the aftermath of those policies is the widening gap between the have and the have-not.

Bloomberg, not a mild Republican, had yet anoyed the libertarian papers when he interfered in the inhabitants' daily life, by wanting to reduce the size of the mug of soda to fight the obesity epidemy.
Joining in her cause, Michelle Obama, very involved for this issue.

Will De Blasio be successful to implement his policies and what will be the result of all of this? What will be, will be.